An extraordinary and fascinating sexual practice that goes contrary to western ideals of beauty.

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How to use your affiliate ID.

How to use your affiliate ID with text links, banners, videos and more? The following examples are simple and concise to what you need to do, nothing complicated about using your affiliate ID.

1. When you register as an affiliate, you will receive an ID which is a 16 digit number, example: 9804000001287217

2. With your affiliate ID, you will use it in the links below, this ID will track all traffic you send to us and get credit for all sales you generate.

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The following is an affiliate link to our website, here you will notice that we have highlighted in color red and "xxxxxxx" where you need to put your affiliate ID. Simply copy and past the code below and replace it with your ID.

Once you have replaced the ID with yours, you are all set, you can start linking the site with this URL. All clicks and people you send to our site will now be tracked properly and all sales you generate will be linked to your affiliate account.

Tool to personalize your affiliate code.

The following tool will set your affiliate id into the link, simply type your affiliate id below and it will generate the link properly with your affiliate id code.

Type your affiliate code in the box and click the button:

- Your custom affiliate link (use this like to link any text, image or video).

- Text link with your affiliate ID:
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cool, I have log lips and sometimes stretch them out as if they were bat wings
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Labia Stretching

Explore a unique sexual practice among women who undergo the stretching of their vaginal lips. Explore, experience and participate in the art of labia stretching.

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