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Billing Options for Subscribing:

If you wish to subscribe to the website, simply follow the subscription link and select a billing option. You are presented with two billing options. One is billed through CCBill and the other through Verotel. Both online billing processors offer secure billing options to ensure the safety of your purchase.

CCBill offers billing for Mastercard, JCB, Discover, US Checking and savings account, US #900 phone billing and European Direct pay.
Verotel offers billing for Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Eurocard, US Checking, international phone billing and various European billing options.

Login Problems

Before you report a non-working password, please be sure that you entered it correctly! Our system is case sensitive (both your username and password need to be typed in exactly as chosen or provided in the registration process). Please review your welcome email as too the selection of your username and password.

Please make sure you have cookies enabled. If your browser is set to not accept cookies then you will not be able to log in. Look under your browser options to change your settings to accept cookies.

Please have JavaScript enabled. Having it disabled may cause problems with our members area.

If all fails, contact our customer support using our contact form. We will gladly look into the matter and have it corrected.

Password Change

Because of our security policy we do not allow to change name or password assigned by CCBill or Verotel during registration process.

Media Players

To view flash, media player or java videos, you must have the latest version of Flash player , Media player or Java installed on your computer. You can download a free version of the player. It is quick and easy.

Problems Viewing Movies

If you experience viewing movies too slow due to internet connection problems between you and us, we recommend that you download the movies directly to your computer for ease of viewing. All movies can be downloaded directly to your computer. All you have to do is place the mouse pointer directly over the movie link and right click on your mouse. You will see the option “save target as” select that option and a location to save the movie file on your computer. Once the movie has downloaded, you can view the movie within any internet speed connection problems.

Surfing the Site

The website is designed for compatibility with web standards ensuring maximum compatibility with current and future browsers and platforms. Content and presentation are separated on the website via the use of CSS. This means that the content is accessible in any internet device, even if it does not understand CSS.

A modern web browser is recommended to view the website: older browsers offer poor support for standards and often incorrectly interpret newer CSS code. For this reason, these browsers are presented with the unstyled plain content instead.


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Do not violate the terms of service of the site, it constitutes a legal contract.

Membership Cancellation

To cancel membership, retrieve a forgotten password or check your status, please contact Customer Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, It is an automated process, which will only take a moment to complete.

If you are unable to process the cancellation of your subscription because you are missing some information. Simply use out contact form and we will process your subscription cancelation manually.

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