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labia stretching today woman elongating her pussy lips

Labia Stretching Today

Most of our knowledge about labia stretching comes from the studies that were carried out in the earlier days by various researchers. Many subjects were studied to really understand whether the stretched labia were a genetic difference or whether were these a modified aspect that could be practiced anywhere.

In the earlier times it was concluded that this elongation was not artificially done and that the Bush women seemed to have this difference right from the time they were born and that as they grew older, their labia would become bigger and more stretched. It was also noted that these elongations were different in different parts of Africa where in some places they were flat while in others they were thicker.

It is also known that the Bush women also used their elongated labia to expose them to the men publically when they indulged in erotic dances. Today, the practice is still very much alive, and contrary to popular belief, not just the women in Africa but all over the world, practice the art of Labia elongation.

There are many accounts of African women who have shared their stories of how they were initiated into labia stretching and how the entire process was. Many of them state that a little while after they got their first period was usually when things were set into motion. Ideally, the mother, an aunt, an elderly woman in the family, or all of them sit the young girl down and then tell them about how to prepare to become a fully grown woman. The girls are explained how to go about stretching their labia outwards for their days to make them longer. They are also given herbs to help them swell their labia so it is easy to pull them. They are told that the process will help them achieve better sexual satisfaction and keep their man happy.

The story of the women who adopt this practice by choice is different as compared to the ones who have to do it as it is a part of their culture. The African women may sometimes not even be asked if they want to do it, they may not be explained the complete reasons for doing it either. They are just sometimes told what to do and fully understand the reasons once they grew up and became sexually active. It has been found that elongated labia help a lot during foreplay and enrich the entire experience altogether.

It is not alien to us that women would at some point in time, just like men, try to understand their genitals better and this has led to them exploring them and modifying them in various ways for various purposes. Women have made incisions, elongated their labia (both majora and minora), and even tried to elongate their clitoris. Women have also looked at modifying the vagina in various ways; there have been instances of modifying the temperature, humidity, diameter, humidity, and even consistency through various means.

Most of the practices related to the modification of the female genitalia have been related to either the woman’s or the man’s satisfaction or both. However that is not the only reason women all over the world make changes to their genitalia, there could be reasons surrounding hygiene, the woman’s well-being, and even her fertility.

Elongation of the labia minora falls under the category of sexual pleasures and has been known to provide excellent experiences to both men and women. The practice is based on ancient art and today has spread to almost all over the world and is considered a very erotic practice.

The reason the elongation of labia minora came into being comes from the need to make the process of lovemaking more satisfying for both partners. Earlier, an African woman who did not have well-elongated labia minora would be called cold or even ‘men’ because they did not fit the then definition of a complete and desirable woman and it feels like the trend has caught on where today many women are learning how to elongate their labia minora in order to seek higher sexual gratification.


As mentioned, there are not many products in the market specifically designed to elongate the labia however some research will throw up a few websites that offer them. You can find labia clamps to fit your need to have a soft comfortable hold of the labia or some stronger ones that would be tighter.

Labia Clamps

Before we talk about the different types of clamps, let’s take a moment to understand how they should be used so as to achieve the goal while keeping the labia safe.
If you have never used clamps before or are just starting out with labia stretching then it is a good idea to start with very light clamps that may or may not have any weight attached to them. It is a good idea to get the skin accustomed to stretching before using heavier or tighter clamps. 
While using the clamps, it is advisable to not attach them to the same place every time as that may harm the nerves in the area by consistently restricting the flow of blood to them. Change the place of the clamps every day so as to maintain optimal pressure overall.

It is also a good idea to use a number of light clamps all over the edges rather than just a pair of heavy ones in one place as the former will help to gain more even stretching. If you are looking at only elongating the labia vertically then you may try to use the clamps that help the labia hang down and not stretch them much sideways.

It may be felt that the tighter the clamps are, the better the outcome will be however that is not the case. Tightening the clamps will only cause a restricted flow of blood to the labia and cause a lot of pain. It is important to adjust the tightness of the clamps so that you are comfortable and do not experience any pain.

There are a variety of clamps that you can choose from. You can choose from basic clamps to ones that are decorated so even if you wear them throughout the day, you don’t have to be worried about how they look when you get intimate as all they will do apart from help you stretch the labia comfortably is make them look extremely well decorated. You can even find these labia clamps with beads attached to them for decoration and appeal.

Another type of clamp you can find has adjustable screws to change the tightness and are connected to each other through a string that could be just a metal chain or as elaborate as a chain with beads or even small appliques. Some of these chains can also have pendants on them which are extremely desirable and make the women feel confident in themselves.

One more type of clamp comes with individual clamps that can be adjusted for tightness and these have some or the other decoration hanging to them. These decorations could be small balls that won’t just help in making these clamps look beautiful but will also help add extra weight to help with the elongation. However, be careful in choosing them and only get them if you are sure that your labia are ready for them. These can also be used by women who have uneven labia and would like to increase the length of the smaller ones.

You can also find clamps that come with massagers and will provide constant stimulation to the labia apart from helping pull them. 

Labia Weights

Labia weights are used by women who want to increase the length of their labia faster or have experience with labia elongation. It is important to understand that adding weight to the labia will stress them little and that is why you should always make sure that you are comfortable with the amount of weight you are attaching to your private parts. 

Labia weights could be attached to the labia through various clamps that could range from very light to quite heavy. These differ from the clamps in the way that the clamps could be designed just to hold the labia and press them however the weights are used to pull the labia down. You can find various decorative weights to suit your preferences and can always pair them up with clamps.

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Labia Stretching

It takes dedication and practice to stretch and elongate your labia minora. Some women can achieve increases each week or month with gains of 2 to 6 inches over their adult life or more if performed over several years.