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reasons for practicing labia stretching

Reasons for Practising Labia Stretching

Different women may have different reasons for practicing the art of labia stretching however, its origination had a lot of significance and logical reasons behind it. Conceived at a time when people were looking outwards to find more excitement and to be more progressive during intimacy, labia stretching was formed for much simpler and basic reasons by simply making use of what is readily available, by being natural, by being simple.

The idea behind the propagation of labia stretching in the earlier ancient tribes was that since the labia tend to swell during sexual excitement, longer labia would swell more and in the process, provide more friction for the penis. The labia don’t just swell outwards, they swell inwards as well and that provides for a very exciting stimulation for both partners and not just one. Elongating the labia became an essential practice as it ensured that a man and woman could have great sex even after years of marriage and many children as the elongated labia would always provide the comfort and feel that would provide the additional friction.

The process of labia stretching was not just a matter of making intimate lives more enjoyable, it was a path of turning a girl into a woman and began at a very early age (around puberty) for the girls. This practice went on to become a tradition and when a girl would get closer to puberty, the woman in her family or a close lady friend would initiate the girl into the practice that she would go on to continue for a very long time. Some women found it so fruitful that they continued to stretch their labia for a very long time until their menopause as well.

The process of initiation had its own reasons, it helped build the community and the young girls would sometimes help each other stretch their labia, helped them be more social and more accepting, and also understand that intimacy is not an aspect to be scared of. The social and cultural angles to this process are quite impressive and have helped the women who practice labia stretching, identify with each other in a stronger way and be more confident in themselves.

Many women today are finding ways to enhance their looks naturally and labia stretching is one of the ways they can achieve that without having to go under the knife or having to spend all their money on plastic surgery if they don’t want to. This is a very natural way of changing the way your body looks and feels, of making a statement, of knowing that you are different and you can take control of your sexual life the way you want to.

It has in fact been seen that in Western cultures, women find it extremely helpful when the labia stretch post-childbirth. The longer walls of the labia help to have more intimate and enjoyable intercourse is what these women have stated. This is also why this custom is becoming more and more popular in Western cultures as well.

The process of Labia Stretching

The process of stretching the labia is not one of short duration and you will not see the results right away. Since it is a natural process, your body needs to get used to it, grow the way you make it, and change itself. This is why the process was initially started at a very early age for the girls of the tribes who practiced it as they needed to make sure that the labia of the girls were long enough so they could have a satisfying life. This was really important as back then, elongated labia were much in fashion, and finding a good partner and being chosen to wed, depended a lot on the length of a girl’s labia; it was a status symbol in a way.

In many regions, girls still being practicing labia stretching at a very early age and have longer labia as a result. However, in Western cultures, it has been noticed that most women look at elongating their labia a little more than the regular, and only a few are found to indulge in making them longer and using them as body art to add more to their lives.

All of us know that skin can stretch over time and that is the logic labia stretching works with. The process requires the woman/girl to pull gently at her labia minora which are the internal lips of the labia on a regular basis without making them hurt. They can continue with the process for as long as they would like or until they achieve the desired length. It has been seen that women have stretched their labia from 5 cms to even an amazing 30 cms without the help of any artificial products. All they did was pull gently at their labia daily for a certain amount of time and let nature take its course.

Obviously, if someone doesn’t have the time to sit down and practice labia stretching for long intervals, they can always look at using light weights or things that are available in the market specifically for this purpose. This is how popular this practice is, specially made tools are available to help women elongate their labia without injuring them, the shapes and sizes of these tools are set keeping in mind the delicate nature of our private parts and our hectic lives. Women today, even wear these tools while on the go without any discomfort and all the benefits of the constant tugging at the labia to make them longer…faster.

The easiest way to stretch the labia is to tug at them every day without a doubt and not to mention the safety it offers. If the labia is tugged at and massaged gently every day then it will begin to stretch out in some time and then can be tugged at till the desired length is reached. The only thing to be careful about is to not stretch it too much or too harshly. Stretching the labia is an art because it cannot be sped up. It is important to remember that these are one of the most sensitive parts of the body and being careful with them is the key whenever we try to make a change to them. Tugging or stretching them harshly can cause tears which can be very painful and may also discourage the woman to continue any further.

There isn’t much information in detail that would help in understanding how to stretch the labia the right way however, it pays to listen to your body and to only gently massage the labia outwards from the body on a regular basis.

There are a few tools available in the market that would help to make the process faster without making it painful or stressing the labia and they should be used as per instructions. You could go from using labia clamps which can be very light to heavy-duty, you could choose weights, or come up with your own invention if you understand how labia stretching works and can create something that would achieve the goal without harming your delicate parts.

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Labia Stretching

It takes dedication and practice to stretch and elongate your labia minora. Some women can achieve increases each week or month with gains of 2 to 6 inches over their adult life or more if performed over several years.