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long labia minora

Vaginal Origami Expert – creating shapes using your vaginal lips.

Annette practices labia stretching and can mold her vagina into the shape of a pyramid through labia origami. Her website is a hub of fanny-tugging information where she aims to educate people with an emphasis on the historical roots of this strange genital art.

How long have you been stretching your labia?

About five years now, I started when I was 24. When I was in my teens, I used to tug on them a lot and see how far they could extend. Sometimes I felt ashamed of their length and even tucked them into my vagina while taking a shower in the locker room. My vaginal lips were not really that long back then; it was just what I did to fit in with the other girls. I think many women can relate to this and the pressures to have a perfect vulva without the inner lips sticking out.

What prompted you to try it?

One of my friends had a great interest in anthropological studies, particularly female rituals, and practices. He told me about all the things he discovered. Through him I became interested in stretching my labia minora (the inner set of lips); I liked the idea that I would have a part of my body that was different and it would make me unique.

What do you use to stretch your labia?

I based the process on methods used by tribeswomen in the past. I can say there is a lot of tugging and pulling going on down there!

What length have you stretched them to?

Fully stretched, my right lip is 13.3 cm and my left lip is 12.4 cm. I have been trying to keep them uniform in length; however, I tend to pull more on my right side. I guess it’s because I am right-handed.

Do they feel uncomfortable hanging between the legs?

No, they feel normal to me. But they do tend to interfere in certain situations. I am scared of zips due to a past incident; aside from that, I am OK with my stretched vaginal lips. During sex, they are pulled into my vagina. I love how they feel; I even hang weights on them and, when wearing a skirt, I walk about with my lips fully stretched, swaying with each step I take. It feels good to feel that little extra pull as the weights swing, and no one knows unless a big gust of wind blows.

What is the history of labia stretching?

Women have been practicing these activities since de dawn of time. The history behind elongated lips can be found on four continents: Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Oceania. Labia stretching was most common in Africa.

Explorers would describe women who looked like they had an apron hanging from their vaginas due to their elongated lips. Some described the labia minora as measuring up to 30 cm in length – that’s a foot-long labia. Stretching of the inner vaginal lips was done as a way to entice men, so women could start at a young age to manipulate and stretch their inner vaginal lips.

What is labia origami?

Ori’ implies the folding of kami’ paper. But in this case, you are replacing the paper with the labia minora, which are also flat and thin, and come in a variety of lengths. You can fold them until you achieve different forms and shapes.

All women on earth have at one time or another tried recreating the petals of a flower with their vaginal lips or the winds of a butterfly, which would be the most basic form of labia origami. For the actual art of labia origami, you have to have stretched lips or naturally long vaginal lips; this gives you the canvas or surface area needed to fold the lips into a variety of shapes and forms.

What shapes have you created?

A boat, flower, butterfly, pyramid, coiled spring, and flapping bird.

Do you think if stretched enough, the labia could be tied in a knot?

Yes, without a doubt, any woman whose lips are long enough can tie them in a knot. A bow might pose some difficulty, but a simple knot is not a problem.

What tips would you give a novice stretcher?

First and foremost, you really have to think about it, since it will alter the change in the appearance of your vulva. It might not be accepted in your relationships unless you have an understanding mate who appreciates labia stretching. We must be realistic and assume that most men have a preference for a clean, tidy, non-inner-lip-protruding vulva and this would completely eliminate that. Depending on how long you want your lips, you are looking at an end result that could take several years to achieve.

You will encounter some delays when your coochie will be sore due to the stretching process. This mainly occurs during the initial phase. As you gain experience and find your own rhythm, you will start making progress gradually.

What is the most extreme form of labia stretching you have heard about?

It’s unconfirmed, but one woman is said to have achieved elongation down to her knees. It would clearly prove to be a world record if documented in the medical literature. Some women can lift heavy boulders attached to their vaginal lips using a soft nylon rope attached to the base of the lip.

Do your friends know about your stretching abilities and, if so, what do they think?

Only the friend who introduced me to it. No-one else. People are not that understanding about these things. Although both men and women are extremely curious about it privately, I have not talked to friends about it.

What would you say to any of our female readers considering trying labia stretching?

You only live one. You can be a prude about your sexuality or you can enjoy it and have found and live life to its fullest doing what feels good to you. So, wherever you are, take off your bottoms, tug on your lips, and see how long you can stretch them with each hard pull. See if it’s something you would like to change about your body, if not, then get naked and streak down the street and have your once-in-a-lifetime thrill!

Just interesting!

How big are your genitals?

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Labia Stretching

It takes dedication and practice to stretch and elongate your labia minora. Some women can achieve increases each week or month with gains of 2 to 6 inches over their adult life or more if performed over several years.