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History of Labia Stretching

Even though we may believe that focusing on our private parts is a topic of today as we are more advanced than ever, the idea of making ourselves seem sexually more appealing has been in our history since the beginning. We have been very aware of the need to make ourselves seem more appealing and since the need to find a perfect partner is quite primal, our ancestors focused on finding ways to make sure that they found the right partner and were able to procreate.


The Hottentot Venus and Her Elongated Labia and Large Buttocks

The Hottentot Venus was a woman from an African tribe who displayed very different anatomy and ended up being noticed by a surgeon from one of the ships. She later went on to become one of the most studied African women of the time and spent a life being a subject and curiosity while she was alive.


Forced to perform Labia Stretching in some tribes

Labia stretching is approached with the thought of elongating the labia minora permanently and needs regular attention till the time the process is going on. Ideally, a person needs to work at gently stretching the labia for 10 to 20 minutes a day to ensure that the required increase in length is achieved in a timely manner.


Labia Stretching Explained

Since the process of stretching labia is not very well understood and has mostly been confined to specific races, many women find it difficult to start in the right manner and achieve what they set out to. It is important to understand the intricacies of labia stretching so that a woman can do it the right way and not hurt herself in the process.

Labia Stretching

It takes dedication and practice to stretch and elongate your labia minora. Some women can achieve increases each week or month with gains of 2 to 6 inches over their adult life or more if performed over several years.