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Reasons for Practising Labia Stretching

Different women may have different reasons for practicing the art of labia stretching however, its origination had a lot of significance and logical reasons behind it. Conceived at a time when people were looking outwards to find more excitement and to be more progressive during intimacy, labia stretching was formed for much simpler and basic reasons by simply making use of what is readily available, by being natural, by being simple.


Labia Stretching Today

Most of our knowledge about labia stretching comes from the studies that were carried out in the earlier days by various researchers. Many subjects were studied to really understand whether the stretched labia were a genetic difference or whether were these a modified aspect that could be practiced anywhere.


Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of Labia Length…

The female anatomy is a complex and diverse system, with a range of shapes, sizes, and features. One aspect of this diversity that is often overlooked is the length of the inner vaginal lips, or labia minora, which can vary greatly from woman to woman.

long labia minora

Vaginal Origami Expert – creating shapes using your vaginal lips.

Annette practices labia stretching and can mold her vagina into the shape of a pyramid through labia origami. Her website is a hub of fanny-tugging information where she aims to educate people with an emphasis on the historical roots of this strange genital art.

Labia Stretching

It takes dedication and practice to stretch and elongate your labia minora. Some women can achieve increases each week or month with gains of 2 to 6 inches over their adult life or more if performed over several years.