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A Look into the Practice of Labia Stretching

Labia stretching, called Gukuna Imishino originated in ancient Africa and has been practiced since ages to help the women and men add a lot of pleasure in their lives. Though it may seem that labia stretching is quite an easy act which is quite untrue. Labia stretching is an art form where the focus is to help the woman elongate her vaginal lips in a safe and effective manner.

The reason to elongate the labia is quite scientific in nature rather than just being sexual in context. The reason to make the labia longer is that the longer it is, the more comfort it provides during intercourse and offers more pleasure to both the partners. As we have become more accepting and open about making the sexual acts more exciting, this form has gained popularity as it lets the men and women be more experimental and give each other more pleasure.

Defying the common outlook towards a woman’s sexuality, labia stretching has opened new doors to how a woman represents herself and increased the ways she and her partner can pleasure each other. In the ancient times, labia stretching was performed when a girl reached puberty and the elder women and sometimes even the elder men would help the girl elongate the vaginal lips so that they can achieve the maximum length possible. This was done as back then, it was considered extremely appealing for a woman to have long labia and the longer it was, the better were her chances of finding a good suitor.

Even though the origin of the practice is quite ancient, it has not lost its charm even today when we have various means to add spice to our intimate lives. There is just something else about how a woman can use her labia to offer comfort and warmth to her partner through her elongated vaginal lips during intercourse to hold him closer while in the act.

Labia stretching earlier was achieved through manual pulling using hands where the elder women or men or even the girl would pull the vaginal lips to make them longer. This process would take hours at a stretch during a day and would last for months or even years or until the girl achieved the length that was desired. As times have changed, the process has become simpler for girls and today. Today, many different ways can be employed to make the labia longer without spending hours or days and without going through immense pain either. Today, the women can use various different types of weights specially designed to help them elongate their labia in different stages at their convenience. The different weights are made to help women achieve different lengths and to elongate their labia with different steps to make sure no harm is caused to them.

Today, women from different walks are trying this technique to elongate their labia to add more to their intimate lives and to offer more pleasure to their partners. There are various techniques with the help of which it has become possible to achieve any desired length of the labia and it takes much less time than originally required. Since the women today cannot afford to sit at home and only focus on how to elongate their labia, the new ways and techniques are an excellent way to help them get the desired results.

Some of us may have heard of labia stretching, some may have tried, and some may be completely unaware of it. The surprising aspect is that this practice came to light under very harsh circumstances, at a time when we were still getting a grasp of the world and the different civilizations that inhabit it, at a time when anything unique or unknown was likely to be considered unnatural especially if it came from a place that wasn’t considered very civilized.

Labia stretching, an art that many women are waiting to learn today, that has proven to be one of the ways to spice up our intimate lives, took birth at a place where no one could expect it to. When the world came to know of this unique practice, they were definitely intrigued however, expressed their curiosity through mockery of the beings who practiced them. These were the times when explorations of far off lands had just begun and new civilizations were being discovered and it was in one of these lands in Africa where labia stretching was discovered.

People initially didn’t know what to make of it, people couldn’t even tell if the women in these parts of Africa had done something different with their private parts, after many speculations and researches was it proven that these women had found an exquisite way of enhancing their intimate lives just by the means of their own bodies. The artistic nature of using their stretched labia to cover their genitals was so sophisticated that it took the western civilization a long time to find the secret of the difference in appearance.

Due to the difference in the nature and the idea of labia stretching, it was difficult for the world to understand it and accept it initially, however today, it has become a very sought after practice. Before we get into further details, let’s understand the beginning of labia stretching and how it came to us.

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