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The Labia, Skin Which Can be Stretched!

The labia are a part of the female genitals and are externally visible. Women have two pairs of labia called the labia majora and labia minora. The labia majora are the bigger and thicker parts and the labia minora are seen inside the labia majora; these are made of folds of skin. The labia minora in turn covers the clitoris and the openings of the vagina.

The labia minora can be extremely different in their shape and size and even in their color from woman to woman. In some, they could be as small as to be considered non-existent, and in some, they could be quite long, even going past the labia majora in length. Though they are found to be in different colors ranging from baby pink to dark and almost brownish red, the labia minora always become darker when the woman is aroused due to the blood rushing into them.

In the modern world, the labia, in fact, the genitals as a whole are considered to be private parts and should always be kept covered in public however, history suggests that these were used to play a crucial role in finding a suitable partner in the earlier times and were even exhibited to the men to attract them.

This, led to a lot of practices to enhance the look and feel of the labia and many practices came to light when the exploration of the world began. Some of these were forgotten, some were marketed and publicized, and some were considered outrageous because they were something the civilized world had never seen before. All in all, the practice of enhancing their private parts has always been there and today as women are becoming more aware of their sexuality, they have begun to explore different ways to help them make their private parts more appealing to their partners.

Even in the earlier days, the genitals of the women were altered to make them more appealing, practices like piercing them, elongating them, and even decorating them were very common. Women would begin enhancing their genitals as soon as they hit marriage age and in some cultures, even before that. Many cultures took these practices very seriously and the consequences of not following through were very severe for the young women.

As time passed and the focus shifted to being more conventional, many of these practices began to fade away from the light and were only practiced in their native cultures however, today many women have started to seek different ways of enhancing their genitals to not just excite their partners but also to feel more confident of their bodies. Genital piercing is not unheard of ad many women move to add a little extra to their private parts.

Many women also paint them and quite a few also elongate their private parts to make them add more to their intimate lives. Labia stretching has become a very common practice that involves the elongation of the labia minora. This practice is not just cosmetic in nature, it does have some scientific roots to it and has been around for an extended time. It is now known that elongated labia contribute to the added pleasure for both partners and makes the private parts of the woman look more appealing.