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Labia Vacuum Pumping

Vacuum pumping the labia is another preferred option for the women who want to achieve even labia elongation. The process involves using the pressure of a vacuum to make the labia longer. Ideally, pumping is used by men however now this has also found its way into labia elongation.

Let’s understand a little about vacuum pumping before we look at how to use it. When you begin to vacuum pump your labia, the first thing that happens is that the blood and the lymphatic fluid is rushed to them and that causes them to swell a little. After you stop the pumping the blood rushes out however the lymphatic fluid takes some time and that is why the swelling caused by pumping lasts for some time. However, if practiced regularly, the labia can elongate over time because of the constant enlargement.

Once these labia are elongated enough they form a shape very similar to a camel toe when covered with tight clothes and is considered as very appealing.

The second thing that happens is that the ligaments in the skin begin to stretch and as the pumping is done over time, the cells stay elastic and still stretch more permanently. It is important to understand this because ligaments lose their elasticity over time and this activity makes them retain their elasticity while stretching them which is a great way to elongate the labia. There are quite few vacuum pumps that offer different ways of elongating the labia. Choosing the right size of the cup is very critical to making this a successful activity.

To use the vacuum the right way you need to get the measurements right. You will need a measuring tape and all you need to do is measure the length from where the clitoris starts to the vaginal cavity. Then you need to sit down and spread your legs and measure the length between the crotch and the thighs. Once you have these two measurements, it will be easier to find the right sized cup for the process.

Once you have the right type of pump, all you will need to do is apply the vacuum pumping to the labia for about 20 minutes per day at moderate pressure. This activity will make the labia look bigger and make them swell considerably which will add a lot to the excitement of love making. However, if this process is continued on a daily basis, additional tissue will be generated and the labia will get bigger and that will last for a longer time. It is important to note that just like the original way of labia stretching, if you stop then the labia will begin to shrink back to their normal size.

You can find pumping kits, hand pumps, pumping cups, etc. to suit your needs and can use them with a lot of ease to achieve the desired results. These kits ideally come with a labia cup, hand pumps, shaving creams, and lubricants. It is advised to shave the intimate area properly to allow for excellent vacuum. The process is very simple and the instructions make it very easy to enlarge the labia without being worried about the outcome.

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