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Labia stretching explained

Since the process of stretching labia is not very well understood and has mostly been confined to specific races, many women find it difficult to start in the right manner and achieve what they set out to. It is important to understand the intricacies of labia stretching so that a woman can do it the right way and not hurt herself in the process.

Labia minora plays a very important part in the anatomy of a woman. It is meant to keep the inner section of the vulva clean and shut and to not let it get completely dry. The labia minora help to keep a healthy vaginal environment by keeping the germs out and keeping the vagina moist.

The labia of different women also are different. They do not need to have the same shape, size or color that is impacted by a lot of other factors. It is important to understand the make of the labia minora before we discuss the process of elongating them. Some women may have their labia minora completely covered by the labia majora. The appearance of such genitals is like that of a clam where you cannot see the labia minora. The second type of appearance is where the labia minora extend beyond the labia majora, they look like flaps or thin strips of skin hanging down from inside the labia majora. These thin strips could be of different shapes, sizes, and even colors. You will see a variety of shades from baby pink to dark brown and the labia may be either elongated in equal lengths or could have an asymmetrical elongation. These labia minora could be as long as just a few millimeters to about the complete length of the vulva. One more thing to notice is that the texture of the labia may also vary from woman to woman. it can be thin or thick, and can be either smooth or can be wrinkled in appearance.

The labia minora cannot be defined in a specific manner. There are a few things that are common though; the labia minora does not have hair like the other parts of the body and has erectile tissue which means that it has nerve endings that help the woman get sexually stimulated and achieve pleasure. What happens during intercourse is that when stimulated, the blood is rushed to the labia minora and is trapped inside to be released later. During this process, the labia minora also changes color and can even turn dark red and even brown as the woman reached orgasm. Also because of the swelling, the labia minora swells and pushes the labia majora aside to show the vulva inside. Towards the top, the labia minora is connected to the inside of the clitoris. The outer ends of the labia minora covers the clitoris and the insides are joined with the inside of the clitoris.

It is very important to understand the labia minora to be able to practice labia stretching the right way and it is a good idea to examine your labia well to understand the connections and to know how you can begin stretching it.

There are various functions of the labia minora:

Safety: The labia minora is not very well understood, at least not by those who have to been in the medical field. The original name of ‘curtains’ is actually quite relevant. As mentioned earlier, the labia minora in their non-stimulated form keep closed together and that is how they protect the vaginal entrance and keep the insides aptly mucous coated. The labia also secrete antibacterial products and provide defense to the vagina against possible infections.

Visual: It is a well-known fact that quite a majority of men feel sexual arousal when they see the labia of a woman. Labia swell when the women are aroused and looking at that gets the men aroused and ready for action. Even the color of the labia contributes to the visual stimulation and adds to the foreplay.

Intimacy: The labia are loaded with nerve endings and some labia have more nerve endings than the others which contributes to higher excitement for the woman and a feeling of satisfaction for the man in making the woman reach such heights. This also contributes to more stimulation from the woman during the act of making love because it becomes easier to excite her with simple acts of nibbling, licking, or stroking. The labia also help with lubrication during sex and their friction with the penis provides for additional stimulation for them. This could be the reason that the earlier women in Africa took many steps to elongate their labia.

Many women use various ways to modify their vagina or its characteristics. There are various substances that have been used since the older days to help women make these modifications. These changes could be related to reduce the lubrication of the vagina or even its size to achieve more friction during sex.

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