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reasons for practicing labia stretching

Reasons for Practising Labia Stretching

Different women may have different reasons for practicing the art of labia stretching however, its origination had a lot of significance and logical reasons behind it. Conceived at a time when people were looking outwards to find more excitement and to be more progressive during intimacy, labia stretching was formed for much simpler and basic reasons by simply making use of what is readily available, by being natural, by being simple.

labia stretching today woman elongating her pussy lips

Labia Stretching Today

Most of our knowledge about labia stretching comes from the studies that were carried out in the earlier days by various researchers. Many subjects were studied to really understand whether the stretched labia were a genetic difference or whether were these a modified aspect that could be practiced anywhere.


Zambia is a country with long traditions

Zambia is a country located in Southern Africa known for its rich culture and traditions. One of the unique cultural practices that have caught the attention of explorers is labia stretching. It is a practice that involves pulling and stretching the labia minora to increase their length and size.


Labia Stretching – Manual Stretching Method.

Tissue expansion is a process in which skin gradually grows in a specific area of the body by pulling and stretching. The skin is able to undergo this process because when it is stretched beyond its normal limit, it activates certain pathways within the body that trigger cell growth and the formation of new cells.

Pictures of My Labia

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