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A Look into the Practice of Labia Stretching

Labia stretching, called Gukuna Imishino originated in ancient Africa and has been practiced for ages to help women and men add a lot of pleasure to their lives. Though it may seem that labia stretching is quite an easy activity this is quite untrue. Labia stretching is an art form where the focus is to help the woman elongate her vaginal lips in a safe and effective manner.


History of Labia Stretching

Even though we may believe that focusing on our private parts is a topic of today as we are more advanced than ever, the idea of making ourselves seem sexually more appealing has been in our history since the beginning. We have been very aware of the need to make ourselves seem more appealing and since the need to find a perfect partner is quite primal, our ancestors focused on finding ways to make sure that they found the right partner and were able to procreate.


East-Central Africa Labia Stretching

Even though we know that the beginning of labia stretching came into being in Africa, there are strong accounts of the deep roots of this practice in the African culture.

Tribes and heritage

Tribes and Heritage of African Labia Stretching

When exploration of far-off lands came into being, many explorers visited Africa and came back with very different stories of how the people there lived and how different their cultures and daily practices were. Many of these explorers also came back with accounts of the African women being very differently built as compared to the European women and how their body parts were enhanced or changed to a greater degree.

Pictures of My Labia

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